Chocolaterie 15ml

Chocolaterie 15ml

Chocolaterie liquid from Herrlan has sweet, truffle, chocolaty taste.


- Proofed Quality "Made in Germany"

- All bottles are child-safe and sealed

- Sealing is directly after production, so Purity of the Liquid is guaranteed

- Filled in Brown-Glass-Bottles

- Perfect Taste and excellent Vape

- Bottle with 15 ml and Pipette for easy use

- Nicotine: 0 mg /3mg/ 6 mg/ 11 mg/ 18 mg

Base Composition:


  • 55% Propylenglycol (E1520 Germany)

  • 35% vegetable Glycerin (E422 Germany)

  • 10% Water

  • 0 -10% Flavor


  • 50% Propylenglycol (E1520 Germany)

  • 50% vegetable Glycerin (E422 Germany)

WARNING: Liquids are not allowed for:

- Consumption

- Pregnant or breast-feeding Women

- Minors

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  • Brand: Herrlan
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