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Roasted Hazelnut 15ml

Herrlan Roasted Hazelnut Liquid: The Taste of Roasted Hazelnuts with a little Chocolate!Details:- Pr..

₱250 ₱225

S-T-S 7 Tobaccos 15ml

Herrlan S-T-S 7 Tobaccos Liquid: Seven kind of Tobaccos combined to a Symphony, a little bit sweet!D..

₱250 ₱225

Smurfs Delight 15ml

Herrlan Smurf's Delight Liquid: Fruity Taste of Blue Raspberry!Details:- Proofed Quality "Made in Ge..

₱250 ₱225

Vanilla Bourbon Forte 15ml

Herrlan Vanilla Bourbon Forte Liquid: Intensive Taste of Vanilla with a bit Bourbon!Details:- Proofe..

₱250 ₱225

Waldfrucht Blue 15ml

Herrlan Waldfrucht Blue Liquid: A fresh and Juicy taste of German Forest Fruits!Details:- Proofed Qu..

₱250 ₱225

Waldmeister/ Wackelpudding 15ml

Herrlan Woodruff / Wackelpudding Liquid: Typical Sweet and very Tasty!Details:- Proofed Quality "Mad..

₱250 ₱225

White Russian 15ml

Herrlan White Russian Liquid: The Classic White Russian Taste, Vodka, Coffee and Cream!Details:- Pro..

₱250 ₱225

Chocolaterie 15ml

Chocolaterie liquid from Herrlan has sweet, truffle, chocolaty taste.Details:- Proofed Quality "Ma..

₱250 ₱225

Gummy Bear/Green 15ml

Gummy Bear/Green liquid from Herrlan has sweet and fruity taste.Details:- Proofed Quality "Made in..


Honeydew Melon 15ml

Honeydew Melon liquid from Herrlan has soft, ripe and typical taste of melon. Details:- Proofed Q..

₱250 ₱225

Milk Caramel 15ml

Milk Caramel liquid from Herrlan has sweet, mild and milky taste. Details:- Proofed Quality "..

₱250 ₱225

Nougat 15ml

Nougat liquid from Herrlan has sweet and nutty taste. Details:- Proofed Quality "Made in Germ..

₱250 ₱225

Sparkling Orange 15ml

Sparkling Orange liquid from Herrlan has pearly and sparkling orange taste. Details:- Proofed Quali..

₱250 ₱225

Strawberry 15ml

Strawberry  liquid from Herrlan has has fruity, fully ripe strawberry taste. Details:- Proof..

₱250 ₱225

Tiramisu 15ml

Tiramisu liquid from Herrlan has typically sweet, coffee and milky taste.Details:- Proofed Quality ..

₱250 ₱225