Safety first when handling your batteries

Posted by German Vape Central 24/02/2016 0 Comment(s) Informations about vaping,



You might have heard about exploding batteries in E-Cigarettes. To say the truth, e-cigarettes are sometimes handling batteries with high amperage, some people modify their coils without knowing what they do, others use wrong coils or wrong batteries. All of these cases happened because of improper use of electric cigarettes. So in the following, we discuss some rules to make your vaping experience completely safe.


1. Always use corresponding charger that is set to the correct setting for your battery. Even if another charger looks similar and fits with the connection it does not mean that it fits to your battery.  


2. Never leave a charging battery unattended.


3. Remove your battery from the charger when its fully charged. The mods in our shop stops charging automatically, but nevertheless it’s better to remove the battery when fully charged.


4. Keep batteries away from each other and protected from metal.


5. Always use coils with the right resistance for your batteries. The coils we offer always fits properly with our mods, also mods are protected and don’t accept a resistance that’s too low. Nevertheless, you should take care, especially if you are advanced vaper and start to build your own coils.


 6. Keep your batteries out of extreme heat, that means direct sunlight or in any hot surface, to avoid explosion and/or vent causing serious bodily injury to you or bystanders. 


In the end its not complicated, but its best to know safety rules about handling batteries properly.