Lot of Myths about Vaping

Posted by German Vape Central 24/02/2016 0 Comment(s) Informations about vaping,


Electric cigarettes are a rather new phenomenon, but nevertheless millions of people already started and are happy ex-smokers with that. So there is ONE fact that that is for sure linked up with vaping, and for this huge industries, especially tobacco and pharma industries loose billions of dollar and are not pleased with this!

So, if you think about starting to vape, there are surely a lot of myths and stories you will hear about that! We will also try to provide you with links to serious studies about that, but for now only some facts about the "facts" that people tell about electric cigarettes. 


1. "You don’t know what you are inhaling, all this chemistry could be more dangerous than cigarettes".

- No. You know exactly what you are inhaling (at least if you buy liquids from a trustworthy manufacturer)! Its propylenglycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and food flavors. All of this substance are well examined.


2. "Electric cigarettes are dangerous, they even can explode and cause huge injuries"

- the truth is; you are vaping with batteries with sometimes big amperage. But there are no known cases where electric cigarettes caused injuries after appropriate use! Dangers could be possible if you use batteries not from certified manufacturers, if you use coils with a too low resistance, if you try to modify your electric cigarette without knowing what you do or if you charge them with a charger that does not fit your batteries.  A bit more about safety you can read here!


3. "Nicotine is as well in cigarettes as in electric cigarettes, so vaping is still dangerous"

- that’s right, nicotine is in both, vaping and smoking. BUT first thing is, it’s your choice how much nicotine you use. you can vary from 18mg down to zero, and all of this amounts are less than what you consume when smoking. What comes on top, nicotine is not the really dangerous thing in cigarettes. Dangerous is the tar that sticks to your lungs together, dangerous are the other 4000 chemicals like hydrocyanide and other stuffs, dangerous is the carbon monoxide that strains your organism. All these things you don't have in vape. Nicotine is only a stimulant for your body, comparable to caffeine. Following the World Health Organization, it’s not even causing cancer. Sure, you should not drink it pure (as well as caffeine) but with proper use its not more dangerous than a pot of coffee.


4. "Second hand vape is harmful for the people around you, same like second hand smoke"

- No, it’s not! Considering the facts from top you know that they are not really harmful substances in electric cigarettes. And, what comes on top, studies proof that most of the substances are staying in your body during inhaling them. So it’s not even a little bit like second hand smoke!


5. "Lot of people come from vaping to smoking, so it’s dangerous especially for kids"

- Studies show that nearly 98% of all vapers are former smokers. So it’s not true, it’s only a very good, maybe the first existing good method for strong smokers to quit. Nevertheless, vaping community strictly don’t sell vaping stuffs to minors.


6. "Still we don't know what possibly could happen in the long term"

- in the meanwhile there are hundreds of serious studies about vaping, so we know really good what can happen!


To say it truly, vaping is not like breathing fresh mountain air! But, if you do it in a responsible way, it’s a harmless pleasure for adults, same as alcohol. It’s a good way for quitting smoking, lot of ex-smokers will agree! And finally, it’s fun for vapers always to find new flavors or new hardware, for some it’s a really hobby!