Why Vaping?

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Approximately over a billion people worldwide are smokers.  5.4 Million people die every year from smoking, the World Health Organization estimates! Beside Nicotine, there are more than 4000 (!!!) different chemicals and toxins in Cigarette smoke. The smokers know it’s bad for health, they know it can cause cancer and lot of other bad things, but still they cannot quit smoking. Why? It’s because they are addicted, that’s the simple truth.

Addicted to the throat hit when they pull their cigarette, addicted to nicotine that pushes the body, addicted to the learned effect of the reward in smoking a cigarette. That’s why so much people consume cigarettes although they know about the risks!


The good news? Now it’s much easier to stop, there is an alternative that is much more less dangerous, no carbon monoxide, no tar, no other 4000 chemicals and toxins! It’s possible to quit smoking with the help of electric cigarettes, I myself did it as well as millions of other ex-smokers! 


You can get nicotine without all this dangerous stuff, you can get it without risking the health of the people around you, you can get it without smelling like an ashtray! You yourself can decide how much nicotine you want to have; you can even reduce it to zero. You can taste hundreds of new flavors. You can vape also in some places where smoking is prohibited. Your lung will feel much healthier, no coughing in the morning any more. The food will taste much better; the whole body feels better. 


AND… you will miss nothing! In contrast… lots of new flavors, lots of tastes to discover. What should it be today? Maybe coffee or chocolate, maybe a fruit like apple? Sweets or alcoholic taste?  

If you are a smoker, don’t you think it’s worth giving electric cigarettes a try? I hope German Vape Central can assist you in joining the growing community of satisfied Vapers worldwide!