How to Spot Fake or Counterfeit Units

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Ways to Spot Fake or Counterfeit Units


Too Good to be TRUE


•    There are bargains everywhere and not all fakes sell at lower prices but if the price is too low then this is a sign that a product is un-real. The thing is you always get what you pay for.


Looks Can Be Deceiving


•    That is why it is called copy because it looks exactly like the originals. How about the performance? Does it last like the original one? Fake items are usually broken or malfunction when used for several times or not long enough, that’s the reason why sellers give only short period warranty for their fake items and sometimes no warranty at all.


Authenticity Code or Scratch Off Code


•    Copies do have authenticity codes, but do they work? To check authenticity simply visit manufacturer’s website and enter the authenticity code or scratch off code that are usually found printed on the packaging or can be found inside the box together with the supplementary materials provided.


•    If you already purchased an item, you can check its authenticity by visiting the Product Authenticity Portal located on the manufacturer’s websites.


-    Kanger: (Enter ID)
-    Aspire: (at the bottom of the page, "SECURITY CODE")
-    ismoka: (at the bottom of the page, "SERIAL NUMBER")
-    Smok: (at the bottom of the page, "PRODUCT VERIFICATION")
-    Joyetech: (at the bottom, "Serial Number")