What is the right electric cigarette to start with?

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Ok, you decided to start vaping! Congratulations! But how to start? What is the right electric cigarette for you? There are many different models, different techniques and different brands. So where to start?


If you look for electric cigarettes you will find very cheap models, the so called style products or clones of the branded/original products. These are copies of the original products, mostly also manufactured in China. We tried some of these clones and our experience was that 2 of 3 get broken in a short period of time. That is why we decided not to sell these stylish products as well. 


Ok, but now to the products you can get in our shop? First you will have to differ between two techniques of vaping. You can either fill your mouth first with the vape and then inhale into the lung. That is how smokers smoke cigarettes. The second method is inhaling the vape directly into the lungs, similar to shishas. What is the difference? With the first method you will get more taste, the second is producing more vape and a bigger Throat Hit (the feeling you get when inhaling the vape, similar to the "smoke" feeling when smoking) and use of Nicotine. If you are smoker and new to vaping I would recommend the first method to start.


Depending on how you vape is also the choice of your equipment. It affects what atomizer you choose with what airflow, if you prefer vaping subohm (special atomizers with resistance below 1 Ohm) and it affects how much nicotine is in your liquids. Why nicotine? That is the second factor what is responsible for the throat hit beside the technique of your electric cigarette. The more nicotine the more Throat Hit. If you are a strong smoker and use a starter Kit like the EVOD2 Kit we would recommend 11 mg or 18 mg. If you use the strong subohm atomizers like the TFV4 3 mg could be enough.


Our basic products are the EVOD2 Kit (including 2 e-cigarettes and 650 mAh-batteries) and the Eleaf iKiss Kit, both very easy to handle. The EVOD 2 is a bit stronger because of stronger Battery, the iKiss is more "lady like", an elegant companion for the fashion-conscious Lady. A stronger battery with 1300 mAh variable Voltage is included in our EMOW Kit. With variable Voltage you are able to regulate your vaping to more strong or weak, just as you want to have in the moment. On plus EMOW has air regulation, that means you can control how much air is in your vape and how strong you'll have to pull when taking a puff. For all three models we would recommend liquids from 6mg up to 18 mg nicotine (depending if you had been strong or weak smoker).


A bit bigger is the Eleaf iStick Basic Kit with a battery with 2300 mAh, that is enough for the whole day normally even if you are an all-time vaper. It has an Adapter 510-connection vs. Ego connection, so you can connect most of available atomizers, i.e. you can also use the EVOD2 or the EMOW Atomizer with the Istick Basic Battery. Very innovative is the connection between Battery and Atomizer with magnetic connector. Easy to handle and convincing in the result.



Also a good choice for beginners is the Aspire Nautilus Atomizer, both normal and mini (the only difference is the capacity and size), it is a very tasty Atomizer for Mouth-to-Lung vaping with huge vape producing, also very easy to handle and you can use it with all the batteries in our shop. Optimal power is 15W-20W.


For sub-ohm-lovers we have two starter kits available, the Kanger Subox Mini and the Eleaf Istick 60W TC with Melo2 Atomizer, both for sub-ohm producing huge amount of Vape. The Subox is with the Knager 60W Battery and the Kanger Subtank Mini, an Atomizer with different coils available but you can also use self-wrapped coils. The Istick with Melo2 Atomizer also comes with different coils, Kanthal, Nickel and Titan Coils for both Wattage and Temperature mode. Special with the Melo2 is the side-filling system for the Liquids. These both starter kits are more for the experienced Vaper.


One word to coils: Coil, the part of the atomizer that heats the liquid to produce vape, are consumable part, after a time you have to replace them. This depends on what you vape, how much and with what technique and can be after 2-10 weeks. You will feel it if the taste is not so good any more, if the vape is not so huge any more, it is time to replace. 


We hope this article helps you in your decision. If you have any questions about how to start, about our products or what coil for what atomizer, feel free to post comment on our blog or on our Facebook page and we will be pleased to help you!


Vape On!!!