Electric Cigarette Vs. Conventional Cigarette: Chemical Constituent Comparison

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Never ending issue about electric cigarette being unsafe alternative to tobacco cigarette. Years of public health officials argue of the certainty of not having enough scientific data that prove electric cigarettes are better than smoking tobacco cigarette. But the latest study will reveal the truth that vaping is safer alternative for smokers. This new study was published in “Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology”. In this study, it shows the concealed truth in electric cigarette and the alarming contents of tobacco cigarette.


For material testing in this study, scientist made use of two disposable electric cigarette products and three rechargeable electric cigarette obtained from leading commercial electric cigarette manufacturers. Three conventional cigarette products were also used for testing. For comparison of results, they also tested ordinary room air which were used as a baseline. Accredited analytical methods were used for conventional cigarette and were also adopted with electric cigarette and the study blanks (room air). To compare nicotine delivery and relative yields of chemical constituents, the conventional cigarettes, electric cigarette and room air were evaluated using machine-puffing. Approximately 7-9 puffs were collected for conventional cigarette. For the electric cigarette and room air, 99 puffs were collected. As a result, aerosol nicotine yield for the electric cigarette samples was 85% lower than nicotine yield for the conventional cigarettes. It was also found that tobacco cigarette smoke samples are approximately 1,500 times more harmful compared to electric cigarette or to puffing room air. Therefore, this study proves that electric cigarette is much less harmful compared to conventional cigarette.