Basic Guide To Vaping

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New To Vaping?


Yes you're here! It means you're thinking about switching from smoking to vaping. But to help you understand vaping, let me give you an idea of what is vaping and electric cigarette is;


What is Vaping?


It is an act of inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an electric cigarette.


What is Electric Cigarette?


E-Cigarettes or Personal Vaporizers are divices that produces vapors by vaporizing e-liquid or e-juice - mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavorings and nicotine(which varies from 18mg down to 0mg). Though there are bunches of electric cigarettes available nowadays, there are few things in common with all e-cig divices. These are;

510 Aluminum D rip Tip gDrip Tip - It is attached to the tank and it has different colors and styles to choose from.


kanger evod bd c.jpgTank - It is attached to the battery and uses a coil and wick to produce vape and it is where e-juice is stored.


eigate revolve r 900 mah.pngBattery - This powers the coil to produce vapor. Most of them nowadays are variable in Voltage and Wattage, some also in temperature (depends as well on the coil).

unlabelled.jpgE-Juice - It is flavored liquid that is being heated to produce vapor. Its hard to say how much e-Juice or Liquid is equivalent to how much cigarettes, because it depends on how much vape your electric cigarette produce. Bigger Atomizers produce more vape ant therefore more Liquid is needed. But nevertheless you can say 10ml of E-Juice is equivalent to 4-7 packs of cigarettes.


Vaping is not about how much vape you can produce, its not how big your mods/batteries are, but vaping is here to help you quit smoking. So choose the kit that fits your need and enjoy vaping! And for more complex understanding and guide, please visit Dr. Bernd Mayer's Science Blog.