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About Vaping and more!

German Vape Central

German Vape Central 03/01/2016 0
Your personal retail store in just one click. We aim to provide you the best, all original, high quality products, fast and reliable service at very...
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Why Vaping?

German Vape Central 23/02/2016 0
    Approximately over a billion people worldwide are smokers.  5.4 Million people die every year from smoking, the World Health Organization esti...
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Lot of Myths about Vaping

German Vape Central 24/02/2016 0
  Electric cigarettes are a rather new phenomenon, but nevertheless millions of people already started and are happy ex-smokers with that. So there...
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Safety first when handling your batteries

German Vape Central 24/02/2016 0
    You might have heard about exploding batteries in E-Cigarettes. To say the truth, e-cigarettes are sometimes handling batteries with high ampe...
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What Am I Vaping?

German Vape Central 05/03/2016 0
  If you have been wondering about what you will about to vape or what are you vaping, is it harmful or not? Below, you will find list of the chemi...
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Basic Guide To Vaping

German Vape Central 03/03/2016 0
New To Vaping?   Yes you're here! It means you're thinking about switching from smoking to vaping. But to help you understand vaping, let me give ...
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Electric Cigarette and Health Risk?

German Vape Central 06/03/2016 0
    The Electric Cigarette has been designed and recognized as the safest alternative to cigarette smoking. This works by vaporizing a safe and ha...
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Electric Cigarette Vs. Conventional Cigarette: Chemical Constituent Comparison

German Vape Central 14/03/2016 0
  Never ending issue about electric cigarette being unsafe alternative to tobacco cigarette. Years of public health officials argue of the certaint...
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What is the right electric cigarette to start with?

German Vape Central 15/03/2016 0
  Ok, you decided to start vaping! Congratulations! But how to start? What is the right electric cigarette for you? There are many different models...
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Royal College of Physicians:E-Cigs Safer Than Smoking

German Vape Central 13/05/2016 0
The Royal College of Physicians issued new report concluding E-Cigarettes are beneficial to UK public health and more safer than smoking. Read detaile...
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How to Spot Fake or Counterfeit Units

German Vape Central 28/06/2016 0
  Ways to Spot Fake or Counterfeit Units   Too Good to be TRUE   •    There are bargains everywhere and not all fakes sell at lower prices but ...
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New Zealand to Legalize Electronic Cigarette

German Vape Central 08/08/2016 0
  Finally, New Zealand is making a move to end smoking in the country by making Electronic Cigarettes legally available, but prior to this #ABilion...
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